A Scandinavian Ambiance for the project 'Fellesskapet Elvaneset' by Tegnestuen Frank & Gvozden
The Layers of Human Activity for the project 'Office HQ' by Aarstiderne Arkitekter + Sweco
The Landscape Reaction for the project 'Flakes of Salt' by Gottlieb Paludan Architects
A re-encounter with a Classic, composition and lighting study of Mies Van Der Rohe's 'The Farnsworth House'
Calm Exploration for the project 'New Viking Age Museum at Bygdøy' for Simon Malm and Audun Adreasen
A New Form for Living for the competition project 'Degnejorden' by Henry Mat, Simon Malm and Mike Dugenio
The museum that never was. An exploration of the space and its' possibilities and embedded narratives of the project 'Silkeborg Museum' by Jorn Utzon for the artist Asger Jorn. Animation and imagery created for the exhibition 'Fatamorgana' for the Utzon Center in Aalborg. In collaboration with Jacob Hilmer
Studio Dugenio represents a trinity of working creatively within the fields of visualization, photography and architecture. The principal endeavor is to provide architectural visualization services, 
that communicate design essence and narrative in strong photographic compositions, wherein the emotion of light is emphasized. 
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