Museums play an important part of society due to its ability, through artistry, to communicate and question anything from perceptions of beauty, morals, ethics, social values etc. 
In the past years, the topic of Freedom of Speech has gained tremendous popularity, sparked by the controversy followed by the Muhammedtegningerne (the muhammed cartoons) “incident”. 
In the art world the concept of freedom of speech is also strongly present. To, briefly summarize, art is about expressing something. And it is one of its fundamental attributes to have the freedom to express whatever it desires. 
And likewise with freedom of speech, it questions what you can say, and what you should say?
What binds these two together, is a museum. The Museum of Censorship and Freedom of Speech. A space with concentrated questioning of the dynamics of "freedom of speech".
This was my master thesis project from Aalborg University, Architecture & Design. 
Finished in June 2016. 
Design Development
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