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Studio Dugenio is a ‘small’ architectural visualisation studio located in Denmark. Studio Dugenio is established and run by Mike Dugenio. Mike Dugenio is an architectural visualizer, who is focused on creating architectural visualizations with an emphasis on the atmosphere and narrative of the portrayed architecture, in combination with a realistic impression of light and shadows.

studio dugenio focuses on images for architecture competitions and real-estate development marketing. The studio represents a trinity of working creatively within the fields of CG architectural visualization, photography and architectural-photography.



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Since the establishment of studio dugenio, we've had collaborations with the following architecture offices, in creating architectural visualizations: Gottlieb Paludan Architects, Aarstiderne Arkitekter, Rønnow Arkitekter, Tegnestuen Frank & Gvozden, OFFICE RBGV and PRAKSIS Arkitekter, among others.

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