studio dugenio

In 2017 for the FATAMORGANA exhibition at the The Utzon Center in Aalborg. The animations explore a particular perspective of the Silkeborg Museum, a design proposal by Jorn Utzon and Asger Jorn for a new museum dedicated to the painter Asger Jorn's collection of paintings.
A total of 6 animations, showing different perspectives of the project were created for the exhibition. The animations were made in collaboration with Jacob Hilmer, and the rest of the team of Utzon Center.

Utzon Center’s FATAMORGANA Exhibition :
Danish Exhibition Catalog by The Utzon Center on the FATAMORGANA Exhibtion:






 A series of visualizations from different projects, that are more conceptual in their expression.

For the Fatamorgana Exhibition at The Utzon Center in Aalborg. A process of digitizing Jørn Utzon’s old drawings of his Silkeborg Museum project, and reinterpreting them into tactile visualizations.